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CHEM.CN is supported by China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC), has now combined the advantaged sources with China Chemical Information Net, and been constructed as a professional Sino-foreign e-commerce platform with integrated services for global chemical players, targeting at a full range of petroleum and chemical industries.

CHEM.CN is a professional chemical information website. It provides you Chemical News in China, the Directory of China chemical products/producer, china’s import/export information for chemical products, china’s importer/exporter information for chemical products, Chemical Prices in China,China's Output Statistics of Chemicals. In addition, we provide clients excel detailed information of china trade via 8 customs code, which can give you more about each piece of trade.
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Except providing chemical related information, CHEM.CN is a dynamic and powerful online-commodity exchange. Here suppliers display their products online, when both sellers and buyers are able to seek for business and send quotation or leave message to each other, which provides more opportunities for both sides to meet business and complete their trade in convenience. CHEM.CN helps global players to target high-reputed and high-quality Chinese chemical manufacturers, suppliers, importers or exporters with high efficiency and accuracy, and promotes their business plan with China.

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