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1. General
1.1 These terms and conditions are incorporated into all orders for publications ("the Goods") supplied by CNCIC ChemData Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("the Supplier") except for where there is a prior written agreement between the Customer and the Supplier.

1.2 No variation to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the Supplier and the customer.

1.3 Goods delivered may differ in non-material respects from those advertised in the Supplier's catalogue or other promotional material.

2. Price

2.1 Subject to paragraph 2.2 below the price payable for Goods shall be the total price plus any cost of packaging, postage and delivery as specified in the Supplier's current price list or catalogue, less any discount agreed in advance in writing by the Supplier.

2.2 The price is exclusive of Value Added Tax which the customer shall be additionally liable to pay to the Supplier.

3. Payment Terms

3.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing bāy the Supplier all invoices are payable by the date for payment stated on the invoice in pounds sterling drawn on a bank based in the UK or by such other method as is agreed in advance by the Supplier.

3.2 Failure to pay all amounts due by the due date may result in withholding of further supplies including subscription supplies in respect of which the customer has made payment in full.

4. Credit Terms

The Supplier may set and vary credit limits from time to time and withhold all further supplies if the customer exceeds such credit limit.

5. Terms of Supply

Subscriptions run for a full year and no credit will be given for cancellations during the year.

6. Delivery

6.1 Orders are accepted by the Supplier subject to availability of stock and may be delivered in two or more instalments. Time of delivery is not of the essence. The Supplier has no liability for any loss of trade or profit occurring to the customer as a result of delay in delivery or delivery of incorrect or faulty goods.

6.2 Delivery will be made to the business address of the customer or its agenāt or to a carrier designated by the customer. Delivery outside the Chinese mainland is at the cost and risk of the customer.

6.3 Risk in the Goods passes to the customer on delivery under paragraph 6.2 above. Title to Goods other than subscription products will pass to the customer on payment in full. Title in subscription items will pass on delivery.

7. Loss or damage in transit

7.1 Claims for damage or partial delivery must be notified within 30 (thirty) days of delivery.

7.2 Claims for complete loss of consignment must be notified within 30 (thirty) days of the date of the Supplier's statement of account for the period in which the invoice was raised.

8. Returns

All Goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Supplier, are supplied on a firm sales basis. Returns will not be accepted other than as agreed in accordance with the Supplier's Returns Policy in force at the time of the return.

9. Supplier's Liability

The Supplier's liability in all circumstances is limited to the cost of replacing the Goods ordered.

10. General

10.1 Any waiver by the Supplier of any of these terms and conditions shall be limited to the particular instance and shall not operate or be deemed to operate as a future waiver of that or any other term.

10.2 These terms and conditions and all other express terms and conditions of sale shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Chinese.