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Company Location: China (Mainland) - weifang

Product Origin:

CAS No.: 7446-70-0

HS Code: AlCl3

Molecular Formula: Aluminum Chloride




End Time: 2018/12/18

Aluminum Chloride
Aluminum Chloride

【Other name】:Aluminum Trichloride, Aluminum Trichloride Anhydrous, Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous
【Regular particle size】:60-120mesh, more than 16mesh ,2-10mm particles.
【CAS Number】:7446-70-0
【Molecular Weight】:133.34g/mol
【Product Description】
The appearance is light yellow, yellow or slight gray particle or powder. Relative density is 2.44(25℃),melting point is 190℃(253Kpa).It is non-combustion, easily soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and slightly soluble in benzene.It has strong water imbibition and extremely to deliquescence if exposure in air. It is easy to absorb water and hydrolyze to hydrogen chloride. It has strong corrosivity, and can generate many inorganic and organic compounds. It is easy to decompose..
1.Used as catalyst in organic synthesis, such as medicine, dye, liquid crystal, spices, flame retardant, petroleum cracking, rubber synthesis and water treatment and so on.
2.Used to manufacture pesticide and organic aluminum compounds.
3.Used to metal smelting and lubricating oil synthesis.
4.Used as leavening agent in food grade products and flocculating agent in pectin.
【Storage and Transportation 】
Should be stored in cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, keep away from moisture. During transportation, it should be rainproof, can't be stored and transported with alkali and oxidant.When loading and unloading.it should handle with care to prevent packing damage. The shelf life is six months form the date of production.

【Packaging 】
Inner packaging: PVC plastic film lined bag.
Outer packaging: plastic drum or woven bag.
We can also provide specific packaging according to the customer’s requirements.
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