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Company Location: China (Mainland) - Shanghai

Product Origin:

CAS No.: 875-74-1

HS Code: 29224995

Molecular Formula: C8H9NO2



Packaging: 25kg/drum

End Time: 2019/1/6

Product Name D-2-Phenylglycine
Synonym D-Phenylglycine; D-(-)-Phenylglycine; D(-)-alpha-Phenylglycine; D-(-)-Α-Phenylglycine; R-(?)-α-Aminophenylacetic acid; (R)-(?)-2-Phenylglycine; H-D-Phg-OH
Molecular formula C8H9NO2
Molecular weight 151.16
CAS No. 875-74-1
Purity 99%
Water content ≤0.5%
Apparence White or off-white crystalline powder or flaky crystalline powder.
Solubility Slightly soluble in water: 0.3g/100mL
Package 25 kg/drum
HS Code 29224995

What is D-2-Phenylglycine?
D-2-Phenylglycine has too many other names, such as D-Phenylglycine, D-(-)-Phenylglycine, D(-)-alpha-Phenylglycine, D-(-)-Α-Phenylglycine, etc. Almost different manufacturers or suppliers use different names. Many Chinese suppliers use D-Phenylglycine. However, in our opinion, D-2-Phenylglycine is a more popular standard name for international readers and buyers.

D-2-Phenylglycine applications
D-2-Phenylglycine is widely used in the daily life and production. Its applications include:
1. To produce semisynthetic cephalosporin, such as cephalexin, cefaclox, ampicillin, Finn La Kappa, and intermediates to produce synthesize other lactam antibiotics, such as L-phenylglycine chloride hydrochloride.
2. To produce ampicillin, piperacillin, azlocillin, cefroxadine.
3. As the important organic intermediate, D-Phenylglycine is also frequently used to produce veterinary drugs.
However, D-2-Phenylglycine is not the only raw material for synthesizing ampicillin and cephalexin. DL-Phenylglycine and L-Phenylglycine are 2 other raw materials for the same purpose. Their CAS numbers and chemical properties are different. Please pay attention in the procurement process.
Please see the info for the other 2 products below:
1. L-Phenylglycine
CAS No.: 2935-35-5
Molecular formula: C8H9NO2
Molecular weight: 151.16
Appearance: white fine powder crystal

2. DL-Phenylglycine
CAS No. 2835-06-5
Molecular formula: C8H9NO2
Molecular weight: 151.2
Appearance: white fine powder crystal

Storage of D-Phenylglycine
Sealed in cool place and protect from light and humidity. Keep away from poisonous and hazardous subjects. D-Phenylglycine is non-dangerous article. Ship as normal chemical. Handle with care. Avoid sunshine and rain.
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