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Company Location: China (Mainland) - Shanghai

Product Origin:

CAS No.: 22818-40-2

HS Code: 29225000

Molecular Formula: C8H9NO3



Packaging: 25kg/drum

End Time: 2019/1/6

Name 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine
Synonyms 4-Hydroxy-D-(-)-2-phenylglycine; D-(-)-p-Hydroxyl Phenylglycine; (2R)-2-Amino-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetic acid; H-D-Phg(4-OH)-OH; D(-)-4-Hydroxyphenylglycine; D-HPG; D-PHPG; (R)-a-Amino-4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid
Molecular formula C8H9NO3
Molecular weight 167.16
CAS No. 22818-40-2
Purity 99%
Water content ≤0.5%
Apparence White or off-white crystalline flake or powder
Solubility Slightly soluble in ethanol and water; soluble in acid or alkali solution and generate salt.
Package 25kg/drum
HS Code 29225000

What is 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine?
4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine,also known as D-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine, (2R)-2-Amino-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetic acid and D-(-)-p-Hydroxyl Phenylglycine, is an important pharmaceutical intermediate. In China, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers prefer to use the name D-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine. It is a side-chain chemical compound for the synthesis of semisynthetic penicillin and semisynthetic cephalosporins, including beta-lactam semisynthetic antibiotics such as amoxicillin, amoxicillin clavulanic acid salt, cefaclox, cefadroxil, amoxicillin with ceftazidime, cefoperazone, cefatrizine, and so on.
The antimicrobial spectrum of the antibiotics synthesized from 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine is quite broad. They are active against both gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria. As a new generation, the antibiotics are very effective when taken orally. They also have eliminated the defects of narrow antimicrobial spectrum, side effects, poor acid resistance, incapability of being taken orally or ineffective when taken orally, and drug tolerance specified by penicillin G. As a result, they are more and more popular in clinic application, and the need for 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine has been expanding.
In the meantime, 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine is also applied in the photosensitive field and as the analytical reagent for iron, phosphorus, and silicon. It is also a key intermediate for the synthesis of artificial sweeteners.
D-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine vs DL-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine
D-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine is different from DL-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine. The CAS No. of DL-P-Hydroxyphenylglycine is 938-97-6, and the CAS No. of 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine is 22818-40-2. They also differ in chemical properties.
Banff Green Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine. Our customers spread in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Should you need any info regarding 4-Hydroxy-D-phenylglycine, please contact us directly.
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