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Company Location: China (Mainland) - Shanghai

Product Origin:

CAS No.: 344-14-9

HS Code:

Molecular Formula: C5H7FO4

Quantity: 300


Packaging: 1kg/bottle, 200kg/dr

End Time: 2019/1/9

Dimethyl fluoromalonate
What is Dimethyl fluoromalonate?
Dimethyl fluoromalonate, CAS number 344-14-9, is an organic intermediate widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, materials, dyestuff, industrial additives, etc. It is also known as 2-fluoro-malonic acid dimethyl easter;2-fluoro-4-methoxyacetoacetic acid methyl ester; Butyric acid, 2-fluoro-3-oxo-4-methoxy-, methyl ester;Dimethyl 2-fluoromalonate; Methyl 2-fluoro-4-methoxyacetoacetate; Fluoro-malonicaciddimethylester, etc.

Key applications of Dimethyl fluoromalonate
The already known key applications of Dimethyl fluoromalonate include: used as pharmaceutical intermediate, in synthesizing fungicides, special materials, dyestuff, enzyme inhibitors, fluoride-containing amino acids, fluoride-containing Chalcone, sedative, etc. The research and industrialization of Dimethyl fluoromalonate is still at the beginning stage, and more applications will be explored in the future.

Our advantages:

Environmental friendly and risk free
Our novel manufacturing process is much more environmental friendly than the traditional process. The traditional process emits HF which is extremely toxic and corrosive and a mixture of methylbenzene and triethylamine which are also toxic and difficult to contain. In contrast, our process does not involve any of these materials. Thus, our wastes can be easily treated and reach the emission standard.

Higher purity
Our Dimethyl fluoromalonate can reach as high as 99% purity (by GC), and is the highest assay that is commercially available. The common purity of Dimethyl fluoromalonate on the market is about 90% and it is difficult to further purify.

Bulk stock
As Dimethyl fluoromalonatenate is one of Banff’s most important products, a large stock is available all year round.
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