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Company Location: China (Mainland) - qingdao

Product Origin: China

CAS No.: PDLC material

HS Code:

Molecular Formula:

Quantity: 3

Price: 2222

Packaging: drum

End Time: 2019/5/19

PDLC material
Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of
liquid crystal material, liquid crystal monomer,liquid crystal intermediate and
Nematic liquid crystal, especially for polymer dispersed liquid crystal

Liquid Crystal Mixture QYPDLC-111 QYPDLC-112
Lower Operating Temperature Tkn(C) <-30 <-20
Upper Operating Temperature Tni(C) 90 90
Birefringence(589nm,20C) 0.217 0.23
Refrective index Extraordinary (Ne)(589nm,20C) 1.728 1.749
Electrical properties V90(VAC)(V) 2.31 1.22
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