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Weifang Yukai Chemical Co.,Ltd is a stock private company established on 2006,It is a new literature of Mr. Wang Zhixiang ,the general manager of Weifang Haihua Yuanda Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd which got successful management in past eight years since established on 1997.
Yukai Chemical Co.,Ltd total investment USD10,000,000.00,We devoted ourselves to the development and research of Flame retardant , antiseptic and aromatic chemicals,the main products include HBCD, BRONOPOL,DBNPA, MUSK KETONE ,MUSK AMBRETTE, MUSK XYLENE.
Reservoir-specific expertise and outstanding service quality. No matter how challenging their technology or service issues may be, our customers know that we will find a way to fulfill on our promise: timely produce-fine quality-prompt delivery.

Our main products as follows:
Antiseptic bactericide fungicide/ water treatment agent:
Bronopol (2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol),
DBNPA (2.2-Dibromo -3 - Cyanide (Nitrile) C-based amide);
EPS,XPS,Texiles flame retardant :1,2,5,6,9,10-Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCD);
Pharmaceutical intermediates: Phosphorus Tribromide, acetyl bromide, propionyl bromide , bromobutane, bromoethane, Bromopropane;
Food additives: sodium bromate , potassium bromate.
Oil drilling additives: calcium bromide, zinc bromide, sodium bromide.
Bromine series products: potassium bromide, ammonium bromide, magnesium bromide, barium bromide.
Fragrance: musk xylol(musk xylene), musk ketone, musk ambrette.

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