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What should I do if I want to buy?

Chem.CN is an on-line business information exchange platform where you can search or post information to attract potential trade partners. To obtain useful information about products of interest, take the following steps:
1. Go to "I WANT TO BUY".
2. Enter your product name.
3. Click "Search".
The search results will be listed and you can then get contact details by logging in with your Member ID and password. You can send your message(s) by clicking "Contact Now." We also recommend posting your requirements into the Trade Leads section to more effectively attract potential trade partners. Besides, you can email to overseas^cncic.cn and let CHEM.CN find suppliers for you.

How to make sure my inquiry has been sent successfully?

In the Message Center of My Chem.CN you can check the messages you have sent by looking in your "Sent box".

How to modify or delete my Buying Leads?

1. Log in at My Chem.CN.
2. Click "Buying Tools".
3. Click "Manage My Buying Leads".
4. On the opposite page, you will see your Buying Leads Table.
5. Click on one of the Status Tabs: "Requires Editing" or "Published" or "Expired" to locate the Buying Lead you wish to modify or delete.