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Output Data Change Notice

Dear Members,
Because the National Bureau of Statictics of China has revised the output data publishing policy, the detailed output data that are with manufacturers name will not be approved to provide to the public since January 2007. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will offer you with other equivalent service instead or extend monthly output data service by another year. If you have any question or complaint, please contact us. Thank you for your support and understanding!

China Chemical Information Net
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E-mail: overseas^cncic.cn
Tel: +86-10-6444 5553/ +86-10-6444 4194

 The unique monthly periodically published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

 provides the updated and latest primary petrochemical products output data of China.

 It covers approximate 200 kinds of petrochemical products.

 Each item consists of: month output table and chart, comparing with the same period of the previous year.

Please click the different year, you will view the different products.
  >Pyrite (S 35%)
  >Phosphorus ore (P2O5 30%)
  >Chemical fiber
  >Synthetic fibre
  >Nylon fiber;Polyamide fiber
  >Polyester fiber
  >Polyacrylonitrile fiber
  >Vinylon fiver
  >Polypropylene fiver
  >Sulfuric acid (100%)
  >Nitric acid concentrated (100%)
  >Hydrochloric acid (≥31% )
  >Caustic soda (100%)
  >Caustic soda,ionic exchange membrane
  >Soda;Soda ash;Sodium carbonate
  >Calcium carbide (300 l/kg)
  >N-P-K agro-fertilizer total (pure)
  >Nitrogen fertilizer (N 100%)
  >Phosphate fertilizer (P2O5 100%)
  >Potassium fertilizer (K2O 100%)
  >Chemical pesticide
  >Benzene, pure
  >Glacial acetic acid
  >Plastic resin and copolymer
  >Polyvinyl chloride resin;PVC resin
  >Polypropylene resin;PP resin
  >Synthetic rubber
  >Synthetic fibre monomer
  >Synthetic fibre polymer
  >Chemical reagent
  >Tyre cover
  >Radial tyre cover
  >Rubber footwear
  >Plastic film
  >Film for agriculture
  >Plastic leatheroid
  >Foam plastic
  >Plastic commodity
  >Plastic processing equipment
  >Urethane elastic fiber
  >Oil refining chemical industry equipment
  >Man-made fiber (Cellulose fiber)
  >Viscose staple fiber
  >Viscose filament
  >Acetate filament
  >Motorcycle inflatable rubber tire cover
  >Oil drilling equipment
  >Wire rope
  >steel strand
  >Polystyrene resin
  >Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolym
  >Monoammonium phosphate
  >Diammonium hydrogen phosphate
  >Polyethylene,low density
  >Polyethylene,high density
  >Linear low density polyethylene resin
  >Monocrystalline silicon