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    Database of Chemical Products and Producers in China (CD-Rom)

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(Version: Mar. 2012)
Updating & Upgrading every half year

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Containing 25,000 manufacturers and approximate 32,000 chemicals
1. Official support, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Bureau of Chemical Industry and Petroleum,
2. Supported by local chemical information centers in every province,
3. All data collected have been verified and updated every half year,
4. With dozens years of accumulation since 1986.
5. Easy to install and search with a friendly interface.
Search and Result Export:
Search From:
"product name", "producers", "CAS number", "material".
Result Export: 
Six (6) formats can be exported to file, including HTML, RTF, XLS and text, etc.
Print Format:
Four (4) ways to print out.
Installation Guide: (Please See brochure given with CD for the detail)
System requirement:
Windows XP Home Edition - Professional Edition compatible.
Windows 2000 are highly recommended!
Windows 98/me users' had better to upgrade to Win2000.
Parallel port, for security key!
Note: USB-suitable security key.

Installing processes
1. Shut down your computer when attaching or putting off the security key to parallel port of your computer;
2. Insert CD into drive;
3. Double click "setup.exe" in DBCPPC folder in CD drive;
4. Go on installing with click "Next" button;
5. Input Serial Number you've got, otherwise contact seller;
6. It may take 2 minutes to create "Choice CCIN " group on your computer, click "DBCPPC" in the group to run database.
All contact details of Chinese manufacturers and end users are comprehensive and completed through over 31 years of accumulation by China National Chemical Information Center.