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CNCIC ChemData has engaged in Market Research Report for over 40 years and carried out many researches or investigations on China Chemical market and products. In our company, there are near 100 professionals or specialists to keep eyes on all kinds of chemicals. Many foreign enterprises and players are our customers, such as AstraZeneca, BASF, Bayer, Borax, Ciba, Deadsea Bromine, Degussa, Dow Chemicals, DSM, DuPont, Rohm Haas, etc. Likewise, quite a lot of domestic chemical manufacturers or traders are our users too.

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 2011-2012 China Water Soluble Fertilizer Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,600 USD
   China Water Soluble Fertilizer Report
 2011-2012 China Phosphate Rock Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   China Phosphate Rock Market Report
 2011-2012 China Potash Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   China Potash Market Report
 2011-2012 China Nitro-compound Fertilizer Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$1,800 USD
   China Nitro-compound Fertilizer Report
 2011-2012 China Compound Fertilizer Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   Compound Fertilizer Report
 2011-2012 China Ammonium Phosphate Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   Ammonium Phosphate Report
 2011-2012 China Phosphate Fertilizer Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,400 USD
   Phosphate Fertilizer Report
 2011-2012 China Ammonium Sulfate Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   Ammonium Sulfate Market Report
 2011-2012 China Ammonium Chloride Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   Ammonium Chloride Market Report
 2011-2012 China Urea Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
 2011-2012 China Nitrogen Fertilizer Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,600 USD
   Nitrogen Fertilizer Report
 2011-2012 China Ammonia Market Report
Fertilizers02/24/2012$2,000 USD
   Ammonia Market Report
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   enterprises production situation, price trend, consumption, raw materials supply and relative polici
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Monosilcane,market, cost, price, downstream consumption and policies in 2009 and forecasted the dev
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Silane Coupling Agent ,enterprises production situation, price trend, consumption, raw materials sup
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Silicone Oil/Emulsion ,market status in domestic and foreign countries, downstream markets and produ
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Silicone Rubber ,enterprises production situation, price trend, consumption, raw materials supply an
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Silicon,market trend,export situation, downstream markets and production cost
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   Polysilicon,market situation,production situation, price trend, consumption, raw materials supply, i
Polymers06/22/2010$4,000 USD
   fumed silica ,production situation,price trend,consumption
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